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This product has been out for many years and yet I still have it corrupting my show files with no warning or reason.

I properly close the application. I save my show file and I be rather careful to not casue this issue. However, even after all my precautions I find myself having to constantly rebuild my entire show which takes hour each time.

When I open the application and attempt to create new scenes and switches, my fixutures are loaded with a different profile than they should be.

For example, I have 4 Chauvet SlimPAR 64 lights. I have had them working forever with switches and scene. However, I open the program today and now they show up with the profile of Chauvet GeyserRGB. My SlimPARs no longer work unless I delete them (and all the hours of work I put into thier configs) and completely remake them.

This issue has happened across all my fixtures, not just these SlimPARs. I have come to the understanding that this product needs a complete reconfiguration about every 6 months. This is completely unacceptable as a professional solution.

I need this issue resolved. I want to know what is causing this so I can prevented it or fixed so this cannot happen again.

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