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Hey guys,

I just purchased a DMX Operator lighting controller and I'll be using it with 2 MicroH LED BAR II's and a Chauvet 4bar.

On channel 1 for the bars, there's 11 different features from 0-255 dmx value. My console seems to be reading 0-100% of value instead of 0-255 DMX value on the faders.

Is there any way to change it from 0-100% to 0-255 DMX? On page 3 of the manual, it says: Faders 1-8 Used to adjust the intensity from 0-100% or DMX output level from 0-255 of each channel.

I'd really rather have it 0-255 DMX instead of 0-100%

Can someone help out? Id really like to have better control over the channels rather then have to take the value i need, divide it by 2.55 on a calculator and see what I get.


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