I was setting up an event today and was using the Elation Wireless DMX Transmitters and Receivers, which I love because they've been so reliable, but today we went through the syncing process and they worked, but the receivers would lose the transmission completely after only a few minutes. If I shut off the transmitter and turned it back on, they would come back online, only to lose connection a few minutes later. We ended up having to hardwire all those positions to get them to work properly. We tried switching out transmitters, opto splitters and lines in snakes and universes coming out of the console and got the same result.

I've never had this issue with our Wireless DMX systems- has anyone else?
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this unit might have a bad wireless card, this is why you are losing signal. if you wish to order the part please call into elation service and they can assist you with the ordering of the part.


That is very strange. These units are so reliable. Is there only one transmitter or do you have more than one to try a simple swap out?


So in the few years since I have posted this, I have run into this problem over and over.  It is more about the wireless internet being broadcast in the room than the product itself.  Being a 2.4gHZ transmmitter, that bandwidth has just gotten so clogged that unless I can scan a room I won't use these units in it.   I just had another reoccuring event we do switch from a WDMX system back to a hardwired system because of the signal getting stomped on by the resort's new wifi system.

one option is to use an "ugly box" made by wireless solutions. this will enable you to "lock" in a frequency and prevent cross talk. 

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