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Still working out logistics that pertain to previous inquiries. It appears it's going to be ground fog and a snow machine. I await answers on decibel volume for the snow machine.

But, also, in regards to the snow machine, how sticky is the snow? I want to go with the longer lasting snow fluid. My issues are pertaining to how does it stick(preferably not) to whatever it touches. I know this stuff can be cleaned easily, but I have concerns about how it sticks to costumes, eyelashes, hair, movie screens and the like. Or am I better off with the short lasting snow fluid?

The scene is this: Performer on a wire rig, suspended in front of the screen. The screen will have a movie front-projected onto it, and of course, the performer will be blocking some portion of the screen. We're all fine with this. I suppose we could blow the snow on front of the performer, but we have a narrow area between the screen and the curtain to let the curtain be adjusted as necessary. The snow machine has to cram in there or else I have to figure out if 12-feet up(on an LTS-2 stand) and at a 12-degree upwards angle will be sufficient to toss snow around 30 feet. I have to be concerned with the fact that the show will end shortly after the snow scene. There is a shooting, with already a ton of fake blood spread all over the place, so more fake blood, and fake blood getting all over almost everyone. Then we gotta clean up or figure out what to do fast because the final scene is kind of goofy but needs easy walking. We won't have time to get it all, but we can maybe squeegee off some of the mess!
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Snow would be hitting expensive costumes as well as set pieces. Since it is indoors, wood stage floor. Floor made from plywood and is durable and solid, but who knows how may layers of black paint they have on there!

As far as loud, I'd have to have a decibel measuring for comparison. Would need ratings for both Antari machines so I can compare and contrast.

At this point, the show has happened, and the dirctor and producer have opted to not do snow for the time being. I'm not investing in the snow machine myself. I'll invest in fog machines.

I bought an ICE-101 and a HZ-300 for the event. Worked out really good. I ran those portions manually via a MIDI controller using the MyDMX software and the DMX functionality of the fogger(not mine), hazer and ground fogger. Show got rave reviews.
Thanks. I look forward to your readings in the next few days. It will really help steer purchases.

Since I'm currently on a gear accumulation trend(after the ribbon mics I order soon, it's back to lighting-type gear), I have to see what I will ultimately decide about snow. Right now, no snow is the way to go, but I still want to have information so I can make informed decisions.

So, thanks again in advance.

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