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Unit has been working great up till last night were after power it up for the night it did nothing else. Checked the DMX settings. Unplugged the DMX and plugged in the the remote still with operation. I do not hear any thing trying to work expect for the sump pump which is functioning properly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi LIU and welcome to the forums.

Bad heater would be my guess unfortunately. It might be something else though. Have you ever cleaned it for example? It might be a blockage in the lines for the fluid. Can you see fluid following out of the bottle? This might help you narrow it down more. If no fluid is flowing, then a bad pump or blockage. If it is flowing and no fog is coming out, I would say heater then.
Unit has been working great after i got the heater replace, but now I have a new issue. Once the unit heats up and the green light comes on solid the uint will work at first, but after a few miniutes it begins to blink rapidly and will not work. If I disconnect the remote and connect to DMX, it still does not respond. Not sure what is wrong. Any ideas?
I had a similar problem with my HZ-300. No clue why it started, but the problem went away just as easily. I guess the stress of packing it back, moving it, then unpacking it again at home must have jostled things back into place or something.

So, maybe toss it in the back seat of your car, run some errands, bring it back inside and test it again?

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