Hey Guys.

Was wondering if Compu Live has a profile for the Martin Mac 101's?

A buddy of mine has a profile for the 301's but no luck on a 101 profile.

I dont have much info on the fixutre so here is a link to the User Manual for the Mac 101 as I would like as detailed of a profile as possible if you have to create one for me:


(page 22 of the manual has the channel assignments I believe its a 12 channel fixture)

Thank you very much.

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Hey d lights. I moved your post to the compu love section as you had this posted in the general section.
I'll grab the friars from your link and make the profile as soon as I can. You'll probably have this Monday as it is the weekend. Thanks.
Thank you very much for the profile so quickly!

Any reason why when I load it into the 3D visualizer I dont get any beams cominmg from the Mac 101 fixtures?

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