This should have been in the library with the Build 29 release for both Mac and Windows. but here is a link to download the Chauvet XML from my dropbox.
Let me know if you need help placing the file in the correct folder for Emulation to see it. Also let me know if you are Mac or Windows. Thanks.
I am using Windows 7 pro 64bit. I looked in the catalog and didn't see it. I have never imported a profile before, can you tell me how to do it?
Sure on windows it is:
That is with the builder program installed. Without Builder I believe the file path is:

Once the file is in one of these two folders open up emulation and go to "patch" and then in the manufacturer list scroll down to the very bottom and keep scrolling until you see "{User}Chauvet" and that will have the profile in it for you to select it to patch it into the program. Make sense? Sounds harder than it really is trust me. Smiler
Let me know if you have any questions, issues, or concerns. Smiler
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Another question reguarding profiles. Is it possible to change the default way a fixture turns on? I have a Chauvett RGB laser that is use with emulation and its default (nothing programmed) is for its beam to be on. At the moment I just use a really simple "all off" program to turn it off.
ok Looking at the traits and the profile. In the custom part the MODE fader at "0" should be manual mode and the color fix part needs to be at Black. It is the very first square of color except it is hard to see as it is black. lol. Make sense? so according to the traits that should be blackout and by default. But I see it is using the white as the default. I'm not really sure hoe to change that. That program is sort of coded to auto take certain traits and make them default. I'll have to get back to you on this. For now you may have to just keep programming it blackout in your cue's. Sorry. Lasers are tricky fixtures when it comes to this program sometimes.
I just tried using the Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 profile provided in this post and everything is working except the position. It moves but it seems very random. moving the mark vertically does nothing from the home position and none of the shapes are working. I am using a Mac with Lion OS.
Not to insult your intelligence or anything but it kinda sounds like you have the unit addressed wrong or it is not in the right channel mode. Re-check your settings and let me know please. Thanks.
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The issue was that when the new version updated it updated the new profiles in the program itself but it did not transfer to the user files. I simply replaced all of the program mapps in the user file with the new updated ones in the program iteslf. I have no clue why it did this but I compaired many different mapps by different manufatures and it was apparent it was the case. I totall agree with you on the position thing. It will not move according to the cordinate plane and it is extreemly jumpy. Please let me know when a fix has been made for this.
This could be the cause.
When you get a personality file, please always put it into the /user/Elation/Common/Factory folder as described on page 30 of the manual.

Emulation copies its personality files from its 'program files' directory to the 'user' directory in two cases:
- no personality directory was found in 'user/Elation/Common'
- the personalities found in 'user/Elation/Common' were installed by a previous version (it reads the version.txt)

So when you delete the 'user/Elation/Common/Personalities' folder you force Emulation to copy the personality files again from the 'program files'.
Make sense? Thanks.
I figured it out... Channels where not correct for Pan MSB/LSB and Tilt MSB/LSB. 2 of them where switched. I changed it and it works perfectly.
I can use some help with this same issue - I got the file from Drop Box, I added it originally to users> username> elation> common > Personalities > User. (I am using a Mac OSX 10.7.3)

When I did this I could load the Intimidator Spot LED 150, but I had the exact same issue with regard to the lights not reacting to the position - it was very shaky and would not go where I pointed them.

I then did what was in the post as per on page 30 of the manual - I added it to Users > Username> Common > Factory (had to move that folder from Personalities along with the user file and then I deleted the Personalities folder) - when I did this the fixture was not there.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong but now I have (3) Folders called "Factory".

One is under
Users > Username > Elation > Factory
The second is under
User > Username > Elation > Common > Factory
The Third is under
User > Username > Elation > Common > Personalities > Factory

I hope this makes sense but I am going kinda of nuts trying to get this to work right
User > Username > Elation > Common > Personalities > Factory

That one should work. Although you really should use the "User" folder over the factory. The factory folder gets overwritten each time there is a new release. The user folder does not. to ensure you never lose any profiles that were sent to you use the User folder. In emulation to patch a fixture from a User XML scroll to the very bottom of the manufacturer list and you will see [User]chauvet for example. The profile should be in that.

What about what David mentioned with the pan and tilt being backwards - I guessing that will require me to edit the XML file and then add that to the user folder?



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