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I am not sure what the problem is but I am unable to control the amber LEDs on my Generic PAR 304 fixtures.

I am able to control the RGB & W LEDs with no problem. If I go to the channels window, the amber slider, number 6, is there but no matter what I do it never produces and light out of the fixture or in the computer model of the fixture. I can turn on the slider, control it with easytime, but it still produces no light.

I can send in the profile I am using but I don't see hot to upload a file to this post...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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After playing with this problem for a while I realized that the software is out-putting to channel 6 and it can control the amber LEDs... Sort of.

It doesn't give the option to select the amber LEDs in the color picker as a separate channel like white is. So you can't use the amber LEDs in Easytime time lines. I can set up buttons to turn the LEDs on and off but not cross fade to them or use them in a sequence.

The lights do have a functioning profile and in most respects they seem to be acting normally. I just can't control the amber LEDs individually in a time line.
i have tested this and i get the same thing. i have sent an email on this situation to our product manufacturers and will wait to see if there is a solution to this. as soon as i hear of something i will post it here. if you'd like you can send me an email and i can foward that to them as well so they can get a better idea of the issue you are having.

any info you have can be sent to my email:

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