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Hey, I know this is a blast form the past but I just picked up an Operator 192 that was in a show room for all its life.

I have a question about the back up of programs.  It say the USB stick is a proprietary device and the u link cable can be used. You need to have a program on your PC to save and restore the files.

It won't load on my not too new PC , I think XP is maybe the required version.

Seems odd in this age to now be able to plug in a stick and save your files.

Any body have experience with this old dog.


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One thing after another lol.  I have a laptop, old, Had XP on it and upgraded to 7, Wanted to load the U link software so down graded to XP, now it won't copy some files during the install.  WHAT? it was install previously.

What would be a more current controller in the same vein as the 192 that can be backed up by a simple USB connection.

I have been using the original MyDMX on the old laptop.  Part of the reason for the change is i want to have Audio triggering, not all the time, just for certain effect. 

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