I am looking for a profile for High End Systems Studio Spot 575 CMY Zoom.
The ones listed operate CMY using the standard cmy consensus of dmx value C0 M0 Y0 as all white.
This is how the Studio color 575 works as they function fine when I load the correct profile for them, but the Studio Spots 575 CMY's are different C255 M255 Y255 = white.

Second issue I noticed when I move the color wheel the colors are inverted.

Third issue the studio spot needs at least one of the values populated to allow the shutter to open. ie when dmx C0 M0 Y0 the shutter will remain closed.

So to sum up when I pull the dimmer bar to the black region in my CMY color chooser I can get white and no color but when I go to full white on the dimmer bar in the CMY color chooser I can get the inverted colors.

I am sure there is nothing wrong with the lights, my hogII runs them fine and countless renters with other boards, it seems to be just a little profile glitch for all spot cmy profiles.
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it is not a glitch, the profile editor does not let me set the default for CMY or RGB at 255, it simply sets at 0,0,0 something i am getting changed, but at this time, there is nothing i can do on this
also, the inverted color issue is because the values are inverted in the mix.... will correct once i can set defaults on the mix

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