I'm new to using a scene setter 48 and I have a question on setting it up. Does it have the capability to map DMX addresses to channels? (I'm new to DMX terminology, so forgive me if I'm using the wrong terms. Hopefully you can still understand what I'm trying to do.)

I know that the controller isn't necessarily configured for LED fixtures, but it's what we have so I'm making due.

For instance, I have 3 different LED fixtures. Even when set to their simplest DMX layout, they don't match. One is 4 channel (R-G-B-Dimmer), another is 4 channel (Dimmer-R-G-B) and the third is 5 channel (R-G-B-W-Dimmer). I would like to use a single slider for each of the colors and dimmers. Is that possible?

Also, is it possible to map multiple DMX channels to a single slider? (I guess this capability would solve the other question as well).

For instance, this stage has 12 par cans. They are on 3 dimmer packs and each is addressed individually. I have the pars pointing to different areas of the stage and multiple pointing to some areas to light it from all areas. I.E., the keyboard player location. I have to pars pointing to that location from different dimmer packs. Let's say the addresses are 3 and 9. I'd like to control both of those lights from a single slider that I would label "Keyboard". It isn't possible to address the lights on the same address because the packs are all addresses sequentially and aren't physically located close together.

Can you give me your suggestions for this situations?

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addressing these lights differently would solve your problem, hence their DMX channels are aligned differently. it can still work since you have plenty of faders to work with. please contact me for support on this and i will get you up and running. 1-800-322-6337 ext.560

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