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I'm fairly new to the whole dmx world and just need some help with the setup. I have:

-2 american dj spot led
-American dj h20 led
-4 chauvet led splash 86B Pars
-elation stage setter 24
-American dj mystic led
-2 Chauvet Intimidator Scan Led 100
-dyno fog II

I have a couple dimmer packs but not sure if I need them.What would be the best way to set all that up? Also, after I've set a scene and recorded the steps, it cycles through the colors to get to what color I want instead of going straight to it. I've recorded steps and used the fade time at 0.1. What am I doing wrong? Last thing, when I set (call it stage light) a color to fade in (like right as the song ends and in between the next) and to stay there, it will just keep fading on and off. Thank you so much for help,
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those dimmer packs were mainly designed for par cans only. i can only guess that you are plugging in units other than par cans, that is why you are getting that color scan effect. if your lights are DMX compatible, you are better off using them in DMX mode. if they are not, you will have to purchase some type of effect chaser/controller in order to keep them in your light show. we will need to go over the DMX channels on your lights and align them correctly to your board. So i can better assist you in your DMX setup, please contact me at 1-800-322-6337 ext.560

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