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Am I correct in thinking that if you currenly have a scene open that clicking switch buttons just add to the scene? For example Scene A plus switch B = AB and if I press another switch C the result will be ABC? I noticed in the 3D visualizer that the scene is turned off when I trigger a flash switch and then the scene comes back on after I release the switch.
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Hi Bill, this would be one of those, "It depends" situations. The reason it depends is because of how the switches could have been made or what the switches contain that may override or turn off other functions all together.

Also could you elaborate by what you mean as a scene "open?" to me open would be the scene editor window is open and you are editing the scene. If so, just clicking on switches from the fixture page doesn't mean they are getting add to whatever is going on in the button editor. You would need to play a scene then add in switches from the page like different gobos or colors or hit one of the dimmer chaser buttons, then create a new scene and do "as you see now" and then all of the buttons you clicked on, their data will be stored into the scene you are making.

Does this help answer your questions? Let me know, thanks!
Thanks so much for responding! When I said "open" I was meaning "play". After playing around I figured out you can play as many switches (layer) as you want. My question now is when I play a scene (a bunch of LED cans) and then play a switch (moving heads)it works fine but I have to hit the INIT key twice to blackout the scene! The first hit blackouts the LEDs and the second blacks out the moving heads. What am I doing wrong?
Hi bill, that is by design, a scene cannot be turned off unless another scene is triggered, IE INIT or your own custom blackout scene. Switches automatically reset in the event on a double click on any given button within the same page. Therefore one click on the INIT scene triggers the scene to that one, and the second turns off the switch. Even if you were to set a keyboard trigger you would have to double tap it. Make sense?

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