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Hello everyone,
I started having an interesting problem with my magic 260 and was hoping someone may have experienced something similar and could help me out.

I have been using my magic 260 for about a year now controlling (6) Tracspots, (2) Mx1's, a haze machine and a few techno color led washes. I powered it on before a show on Saturday and it seems as though the board got corrupted. Anytime that I select a fixture or go more than one level deep into a menu the display is un-readable. For example, if I select fixture and select one of my transpots it reads on the display that it is selected and then when it changes to the screen listing the channels and their values it is all jibberish. It looks to just be a random mix of charts and symbols replacing the real words underneath. I am still able to change the values of each channel with the wheels however it is a guessing game to what I am changing.

I spoke with tech support and they told me to just send it in for repair. I was hoping to find other solutions before doing this.

I have not made any changes to the board such as adding a new fixture or downloaded any new firmware etc. I used it the night before came in today and this is what happened.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Custom profiles for my fixtures were created for me and I do not have them backed up anywhere. So I am afraid to blow everything off the board and lose them.

Thanks in advance.
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I believe American Dj created the profiles... However I do not have them to re-load.
It would be great if I did not have to send the board in. I need it or a solution for the weekend.

Also I do not have the u link cable or USB stick. I have been searching for a place to purchase these but no one has it in stock. Do you need to use the specific elation USB key and/or u link cable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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