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hi bob,

DMX can get frustrating if you don't understand it.
most all user manuals explain use with the understanding that the user knows and has knowledge of DMX.
User manuals do not explain the DMX protocol. If so then the manual would have 40 more pages to it.

In this section of our website we've dedicated a area for just that.
Users who don't understand DMX.

You say you are using Elation 16ch stage setter.
How many dp415 do you have?
I was preparing to buy some Elation dimmer packs and have already bought the stage setter 8 console, but also had confusion on the channel settings. Have been reading everything I could find, pdf manuals etc and NOTHING indicated how to set channels up until I read this thread. Now that I've seen this I'll go ahead and complete my purchase on the 415 dimmer packs I need. This info really needs to be in the pdf manuals. I'm not new at this, used to have all NSI stuff but got out of the lighting business for a few years.

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