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I just purchased the basic DMX Controller and can't seem to get the master fader to work. Initially I have the controller connected to two Chauvet Color Mini Strip lights. I have them both set up with the same DMX address. I was able to program scenes and chases, but when I try to auto play either I can't get the master fader to work (the speed control works fine).

Am I missing something?
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Did you create your own profile? Or did you select one of the default profiles?

The Magic is equipped with American DJ and Elation profiles only. You'll need to load the specific profile for your fixture in order for the board to recognize how it operates.

Let me know if you need me to create the profile for you. Just send me an email with this request and attach the manual for the fixture.

Sergio C @
I am also having the same problem as far as controlling the intensity of 8 par cans when I use the scene switches with the scanner buttons off. In order to change the intensity of the lights I have to turn on the scanner buttons and then use the dimmer fader. Is there another controller that you'd recommend. I am only running 8 ADJ ProPar56 RGB Par cans. I do have a pair of ADJ Revo III's that I have no idea of how or if I could even hook those up to the DMX Operator. Help please?
Well, in order to control anything with the Operator you will have to address your fixtures to certain DMX addresses. The first fixture will be on 1, the second on 17, the third on 33, and so on. It is a 16 channel fixture so it will control any fixture up to 16 channels. You will have to decide what channel mode your lights will be on and after you do, you just address it to the certain DMX address. If you would like to ask more detailed questions, please email at Thanks.

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