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Hello,  I have a Chauvet C-2 foot controller that I’m using to control stage lighting for my band.  I know this is a pretty limited controller but my only option because I also play bass.  I’d like to program a pair of Stage Right (Uking) 3W LED Mini-Spider lights.  I’m happy with the sound function and built-in programs that it has but I’d like DMX control to be able to blacK them out.  Is this even possible?  I already have my wash lightS programmed as fixture 1 on the controller.  

Seems like I should be able to place the Spider fixture in 7 Channel Mode with DMX address A0008, SLnd to SoUn (sound activated mode), select fixture 2 on the controller and adjust channel 5 to 247-255 (sound activated effect change).  I can’t seem to get it working though.  Any ideas to try or am I missing something or not understanding?

I’ve been turning the power on and off to control the spiders but it’s not ideal because there is about a 20 second delay while they reset before they start functioning again (in sound mode).  There has to be a way to DMX control them in the Sound Mode.


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