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I am having trouble getting our LEDs to simply rotate colors. We have very generic lights that the software didn't even recognize, so I basically modified the "Generic" LEDs to fit our needs. But even if I create a color rotation channel the lights still don't fade from one color to the next automatically. We basically just want these lights to cycle through their colors seemlessly for about 2 hours. I don't know what to do, please help!
Aaron Springer
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Thanks for the reply. The lights actually are so generic they have no brand anywhere on them... cheap I know. But they each have seven channels. The first channel is a dimmer going to 255 as a fully on light. The second channel is just the opposite. Channel 3 is my color rotator, it scrolls colors from a purple to pink to red to orange, yellow, green, blue, back to the same purpley color at 255... The rest of the channels are color channel... Hope that helps.

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