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In the manual it is called Compu Live.
In the product page of the website it is called Compu 1024EC, Compu 2048FC, Compu 2048FC+.
At various internet stores it's been called Compu 02, 04 and 06, and Compu Club and Compu Pro.
And I've seen references in this forum to Compu Pro 06 and Compuware and multiple variations of that.

What is the proper name(s) and what are the differences?

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Hi Sounds,
Cool pic!

The software system is called Compu Live. However you have different option interfaces to run Compu Live. These vary in prices.
Compu 02 - discontinued
Compu 04 - discontinued
Compu 06 - discontinued
Compu 1024EC - $799.95 retail beginner sys
Compu 2048FC - $1399.95 retial pro sys
Compu 2048FC+ - $2199.95 retail pro plus sys

I hope all this makes some sense. Best regards,

Can you tell me what does the 2048FC+ pro plus interface give me over the FC?
Looking at the product website descriptions line by line, I noticed that the FC+ gives +40 Art-Net Universes (Ethernet Out) versus +4 on the FC. Is this right? Or are there more added features for the additional $800?

I'm trying to figure out which one would be best for me. Thanks!
Sorry, but I'm still confused.

I purchased a "Compu Pro" around September of last year. At that time, there was a "2006" or was it "Compu 06" version which the Elation web site stated was "not supported". The advice at the time was install "04".

Am I to assume that Compu Pro has been upgraded to Compu 2048FC? If so, was the software changed? And what version - 04 or 06? Am I entitled to a software upgrade? Are there instructions on installing the upgrade as opposed to a clean install?

An inquirying mind wants to know.


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