I see in the button editor for scenes and switches there is a button on top that changes Blind-->Live or Live-->Blind. In most of the scenes and switches you can click on this to change and it turns on and off the DMX output. I have a couple of built in 'Center' switches that have the Blind-->Live button locked in the off position and I can't figure out how to unlock it to toggle it back on. One in particular is the Martin MX-1 in the Scanlibrary. This fixture also has the problem of showing light in 3D Easy View when all DMX output is off.
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Hi Schadow,
It sounds like you have the software conflicting itself.
You shouldn't have more than one button trying to do the same thing.
Also you should only have 1 edit window open at a time, unless of course its for a diffent fixture.
If you havn't done to much programming try re creating a page.

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Right now I have everything off. When everything is off (DMX output shows all channels off) I go to the Martin MX-1 page and click on "Center" and nothing happens. If you open the edit window for the Center switch all the settings look correct but its set to Blind-->Live and it wont change. Nothing else is open at this time so I don't have more than one button trying to do the same thing. This isn't a switch I created, this is the prerogrammed switch for the MX-1 from the Scanlibrary. I've tried it on two different PC's and get the same thing. Also with everything off the 3D Easy View window shows lights coming from the MX-1's. Try it on yours and see if you get the same results.
Not sure what it can be. It worked great on my PC.
What type of PC are you using? It should be windows XP. I can send you a picture so you can see.
send me your e-mail to info@elationlighting.com

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