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I'm trying to automate a light show by sending MIDI notes from Albeton Live 9 to Compu Show via LoopBE1 internal MIDI. Since I can't assign a MIDI command directly to buttons/controls I create in Compu Show (I wish this was possible), I created a 'virtual console' within Compu Show via the Console Editor which mirrors all the buttons I created.

Compu Show sees the incoming MIDI commands and the 'virtual console' I create is responding.

I'm running into a problem where Ableton sends the MIDI note, the
button on the console I created activates, but the underlying button I created in Compu Show doesn't respond. Oddly enough, when I click on the Console button with my mouse, the underlying button in Compu Show activates.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

I'm using the May 2016 version.
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