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Hello all,

I have 2 Design Spot 250's and I need some advice with a slight problem. I have them hooked up to an Elation Op Pro and they sit on each side of the drum riser. When I put one of them into reverse pan and tilt it resets itself to 90 degrees off (I have tried both fixtures and they do the exact same thing). My problem is when the fixture's LED front side are both facing the audience and I reverse the pan and tilt, 1 of the fixtures resets to 90 degrees off so I have to physically rotate the base 90 degrees so that the actual heads mirror each other and everything works out fine. It just does not seem right? Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,
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Sorry for the confusion...let me try again. I am trying to have the 2 fixtures mirror each others movement. When I set them up both facing the same direction LED front facing the audience and the cables out the back. I reversve the pan & tilt on 1 of the fixtures (so that it mirrors the other) it then rotates 90degrees off. I have to physically rotate the base of the fixture 90 degrees to get the moving heads to mirror each other (which they do). But now I have the bases facing different directions? This does not seem right from everything I have read and researched on stting these fixtures up. Any ideas?
That's what I was thinking you were doing.
The Design spot 250's have 2 different pan rotation settings.
1 is 540 degrees
2 is 630 degrees
I believe they are set to 630 degrees from us here at the factory.
this 630 degree pan setting makes alot of things not match very well.
So look for the degr setting on your fixtures and set them both to 540 degree's.
See how that works for you.

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