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Hoping someone can help or has some knowledge on the subject.

The club I'm working in uses the older protocol microplex(MPX) along with DMX. Our stage controller is an NSI board that outputs only MPX going to an NSI demultiplexer that controls (2) 6 channel Leprecon dimmers for our stage pars. I'm also running Emulation separately it to control the LED's on stage.

The goal is to control the leprecon dimmers using emulation. I have an NSI IF501 interface unit that converts MPX to DMX and vice versa, but I am not getting any results.

I've tried connecting the usb/dmx cable into the NSI interface, and then out MPX to the demultiplexer and dimmers, with no luck. The dimmers are addressed starting at 113(on the demultiplexer) as well as on the interface and in Emulation patched to a generic 6 channel dimmer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Jon,

What are the exact model numbers of the Leprecon packs? I am guessing they are DMX packs and you don't need the MPX to DMX converter box inline. That is what is causing your issues. Just lose the box and plug the Leprecon packs right into the software.

Also, don't tie in the Emulation dongle into the MPX box since MPX is a powered source and sends a sizable amount of voltage down the line. You will end up frying your dongle due to this voltage. So if the Leprecon packs are MPX, don't plug them directly into the dongle because chances are you will fry the dongle.

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