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Hi I'm new to the forum. I recently got into DMX lighting so I am a bit oblivious to how some of this stuff works. I have 2 Dynasty scans and 3 Design Spot 250s. I've been saving up to buy all this stuff plus the DMX Operator 192.

I just want to make sure i'm getting this right, but a scene is basically a pattern of movements and gobo changes right? One button engages a scene?

I tried recording scenes according to the user manual but I never get any results out of it. I press scene 1 and it just stays in the position I started it off with.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
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hey! welcome. a scene is a static look or cue or whatever u want to call it. u acn only record one look per scene. so say u have 2 looks u want to create u move ur scanner or head to the desired psoition and adjust ur color or gobo to whatever u want it at and then record that scene. for the next step u can either keep it in the same position and change just color/gobo or u can move it and change everything. now to have them cycle or chase each other u have to record that as a chase. any other questions or am i missing something? if u need anything let me know. peace! jingles! Big Grin
no on the op u have 30 banks of 8 scenes each. and 12 chases that can hold up to 240 scenes. so basically u cna have 1 chase full to the max of 240 scenes which is like putting every scene u can record on the operator into a chase. so let me break it down even further for ya. u cna store any scene as many times as u want and in any order u want in a chase as long as don't go over 240 scenes but u can also continue on ur chase into the next one. i have done that and it works fine. do u know how to find the channel bank buttons? should be two square buttons with arrows above them. if u need any more help or clarifacation just ask. peace! sincerely jingles! Smiler

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