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I am currently running 7 ADJ P-64 LED fixtures with the Elation DMX Operator Pro. I have them daisy chained but cannot figure out how to program them so that I have individual control over each fixture. Right now all the fixtures are mirroring the first fixture. Is there away to have independent control for each fixture in the daisy chain?
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OK WELL THE PRO BLOCKS THE FIXTURES IN 16 CHANNELS EACH. THAT MEANS THAT FIXTURE BUTTON ONE CONTROLS CHANELS 1-16 AND FIXTURE BUTTON CONTROLS 17-32 and so on and so on. so if you wanted to put 1 led one each fixture button they would need to be addressed as follows. (assuming they are 6 ch's)
led 1:001
led 2:007
led 3:017 (that would be on fixture button 2)
understand where im goin with this? if you have dip switches here is a helpfull tool
Okay I have the same problem and I have the same exact gear(expect with 8 p64 LED par cans) I instuctions in the manual said to set it to channels 133 (i belive) and they all mirror each other just fine. BUT when I set the first par can to channel 1(switched the controls to button 1 to on all others off) but nothing would happen when I moved channels 1 to 6.

I'm way confused now.

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