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I am using Easy Show with Compu 06. I have a question about video playback.

How can I have the video show full screen on a secondary monitor? (The primary monitor is the laptop screen, and the secondary monitor is what would be projected during performance.)

I can drag the monitor window to the secondary monitor, but when I hit the full screen button, it still displays on the primary monitor. It seems like there should be an option to control this, but I can't find one.

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With lap tops its a bit more challenging to do this.
The problem with Lap Tops is all graphic memory is dedicated to screen 1. Screen 2 gets practically no graphic memory.
For this reason the video screen will maximize on screen 1.
Your 1st task is to make the second monitor be the primary monitor, and the lap top screen to be the secondary montitor. You can do this in the Display Property settings.

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