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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".

Looking into getting a computer based program for shows I don't want to take my console. Was told to try Compu Live but found Compu Show also. Installed the 2/2012 version on my Windows 7 PC and lost it 5 minutes into it. Froze up, had errors I agreed to be sent, etc. After trying to open a new show several times, each time with the same error (sent) I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Went through that twice because both times when I patched 8 Chauvet QWash 560Z fixtures it showed 8 in the patch but 16 on the chart. Can't figure any of that out.
Also wanted to know if it is avail for MAC as I am very seriously considering switching over to a MacBook Pro.
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Try the latest beta and see if it Clears up those issue.
Also as far as you having 8 fixtures but 16 "squares" show up in the fixture window that is because it may have gotten assigned as a fixture with two light outputs. you will find if you go to move one a second one next to it will move with it.
No, this software at this moment is Windows only. Sorry. We do have a Mac program called "Emulation" but it is way different than compu show. You can download Emulation for Mac if you want and evaluate it.
Well here is the Compu show software manual. The 3D viz is not in here just so you know.
We really don't have a manual for the 3D. But if you want you can email me jamesk at Elation lighting dot com
and we can set up a time for me to call you and I can give you training. It is REALLY super easy once you get your mind around it. Easier than Capture.
Also our 3D does not have a "snap to" function.
I'm guessing this reply has to do with my question about CompuShow being avail for MAC. If so then I appreciate the advice. Actually if I get a MacBook Pro i'll use Parallells for all my Windows apps. The main reason I asked it was because when I installed the 2/2012 version it created a "Mac" folder with the .ext in it and I wondered what that was.
Oh Boy. Writing the manual. How fun. After 200+ pages i'd think you'd be done by now :-)
Anyway, I definately appreciate how much work it can take doing an accurate manual, then having to change it every time the program changes. I hope you do full manual changes; just resaving it under a file name with the new date, instead of doing addendums that can get real confusing and hard to keep track of after a while.
I'll start looking at it, but don't have a lot of time because I need to get going on something soon. I'm also looking very hard at Light Factory, a few great bells and whistles. Please..... no coments expected. I've got to do some sort of comparison and decide. At least it works with Capture and most of my shows are already drawn in Capture and ready, so lots of work saved there.
Maybe you could consider merging with Capture some time. That would be cool.

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