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To whom it may concern,

I had an initial problem where I lost all of the built in fixtures for the Magic 260 and I am in a very big hurry to get the problem resolved. I have the Ulink and the Magic 260 software and I was reading a lot to make sure I was doing everything right. After having spent countless hours trying to load the fixture profiles onto the Magic 260, and receiving nothing more than "Load Error," and other numerous notifications of how the profiles wouldn't load on to the board. I decided to try to just reload the firmware to the console. Needless to say I only succeeded in making everything worse because now I have an expensive "brick." The LED screen will only turn on a solid blue with the slightly pulsating top row of blocks. The pulsating, or dim flashing, is occurring at a regular interval of about 1 second. I read a lot of discussions of people describing a similar or identical situation, but the solution was never clearly stated. It's rare that I will ever "call tech support," however, I'm at my wits end on this one. Someone please help me solve this problem quickly. It would be greatly appreciated.

Sean Kirkpatrick
Live Entertainment Production Engineer
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I got rid of all my Elation and American DJ gear and went to martin sold all 12 of my Elation Platinum Spot LED II for 16 Martin MAC 250 Kryptons. Also Moved to Jands Vista Software and consoles S1 and M1. They actually can out and gave me a 2 day One on One course on how to use it. I have had no problems with any of this Pro stuff. now I can make a show not be a shipping department getting my stuff repaired all the time costing me money

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