OK, just asking for recommendations.

Looking for a durable low-profile fan. Something that is preferably oscilating and hopefully has high-output, but at the same time, I'm not trying to create a hurricane or anything like that. Oh, and should ideally be black.

Here's what my issue is: The director and producer want the fog effects(ICE-101 and a fog machine) to vanish faster. I figure I can do this with a set of 4 or more small desk/office type fans that oscilate. I can trigger these via a power pack(or 2), presetting the fans to the necessary output setting before showtime. The bigger concern is the ground fog.

I'll buy a container or use an existing one for transport.
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I missed the deal, I was out preparing for an event(then fighting other issues prior to the event on teh 23rd!). OH well. I'll keep that in mind.

Any particular model you recommmend?

(I spent all my money on batteries for my truck, then a starter relay, and got to the gig an hour late and still made it happen)
something to look into, this is what i use....i can manually adjust the speed and everything from my consol...this lets me blow low level fog off stage in a hurry quiet and gets the job done great... you can also go to home depot (or other like stores) and get a few small ducts that split the wind up letting you place the fan far off stage out of the way. (this is what i do) allowing multiple angles and locations with little to no noise... But that is my way of doing it :-)

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