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I currently run version 1.3.69. im using 355 channels of DMX and roughly 30 fixtures and control with a Midicon. I have a couple of questions and concerns.

1)when using the software for about an hour or so it starts to lag. The only way to fix this is to restart the program which also takes a long time.

2.) The software takes atleast 30-40 seconds to fully load on an Pentium i7 with 8gb Ram running windows 8.1

3.) occasionally the software will freeze up completely and I have to restart the computer.

Do you think this is caused by something in my showfile or what else can i do to make this more stable. Can I upload my show file for inspection ?

Also , when I go to Task Manager it shows up as Emulation (32 bit) even though im running a 64 bit system and i installed the 64 bit drivers. Is that normal ?
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sometimes i use a DMX splitter/isolator (most of the time I do) The lag im noticing is not from when i hit the button and when the light actually changes . Its actually within the computer , meaning if i slide a fader up either with the midicon or using a mouse it takes a second before the emulation virtual fader actually responds on screen in the software. It doesnt do this at first , only after its been on and running for a little bit. I have pretty much every go button assigned to something and i use bank one mainly as a group faders/dimmers and another fader bank to control my moveing light attributes. But otherwise a pretty basic setup. I'm using a laptop with what I feel should be sufficient power and Ram. I didnt know if there was maybe something within my show file that could be causing some kind of memory leak or something. And If i release all the cues the lag remains ultimately creating a possible freeze up requiring a restart of the software or computer
Are you saying that limitation is a standard limitation for DMX or for Emulation ? Also , the lag in the "software" is there regardless of if my lights are actually plugged in. I can setup my laptop and have it running and eventually it will start to slow down. I am using a Intel i7 processor I think around 2.9 Ghz and DDR type 3 Ram x 8 GB I dont really have anything else running on the laptop. Also , I have had the same thing happen on a different laptop that one has a centrino and 6gb ram.
hey there,

I dont think that it depends on the laptop or any DMX limitations

I got the same issue and can say a few things why I think that there is some code thats not ok.

1) I ran about 20 shows with the same (installed) setup, same laptop, same showfile, and with less than 32 fixtures (about 22 + 24ch dimmer and tour hazer) never got one single issue about freezing lagging or worse collapse. Exactly the first show after I updated to the release which included the 64bit drivers for first time it started.
Now I have back the old driver its better but not gone, thats why I think its something in the code.

2) Another hint for me is the fact that the software is freezing, not my laptop (can go to the desktop and everything works fine directly, nothing is near 100% not RAM not CPU), with no dongle connected.

3) Its not the show, as it happens with every show loaded (maybe it takes a bit longer when show is smaller but it will be happening )

At the end I would like to know why every actual DMX console with one universe can handle more than 32 Fixtures (altough ou are right with the DMX specification), why does Emulation has a Limit of 48 if it can't handle it for real. And why it should be a problem to use a splitter, as far as I know almost every Splitter is a Repeater also, so a clear signal will come out the splits,so it should be no problem to have 32 fixtures per split out.

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