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Trying to get a handle as to what the heck is going on. I apologize for being long winded, but I do believe the information is pertinent to understanding the issue.

A couple days ago, I had added an additional Fuze Par 120 IP to my outdoor lighting rig above another Fuze Par 120 IP that I have it DMX daisy chained to.  Initially, all seemed fine, but the newly installed light began to zoom and strobe after a bit, just white.  After another couple minutes of me troubleshooting, it began to strobe and zoom different colors, then it began to trigger the Par below it to do the same thing.  I powered them down, came back the next day during the day time (the issues were occurring outside at night with no work light) to troubleshoot.  I couldn't get it to do it and later that night ran an entire show with no issues.

Today, I was checking cues before show, running pre-show checks, and everything was fine until I left all my lights in a cue so that the band could set up.  As I was walking across stage, I thought I maybe saw the bottom (not the new light installed) do a little zoom out of the corner of my eye.  Turned to look and it wasn't doing anything.  I later go into the pre-show cue and everything is fine.  I change cues at the start of the show, and I believe it was the bottom one began to intermittently strobe different colors slowly, just a bit later, both lights started to strobe different colors faster.  I had to run around backstage during a song and unplug them to get them to stop.

I have checked the basics:

Cable runs (I think for the most part.  The cable goes under the short stage so I think I touched on everything).  The first day of troubleshooting, I bypassed that cable and it was fine, but then again, the original cables were just fine the next day when I ran the show.

Fixture Mode

DMX Patch

Cues to make sure it's not somehow in the cue

I didn't seem to have the issue until I added that light, but that doesn't mean the problem would not have developed.  What am I missing?  What can it be?  I have another show tomorrow.  If I have to not use the top added light, I can live with it, but I am trying to learn and understand.

Thank you for any information!  ~ Annie

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