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I have 12 Z175 fixtures in our lighting rig.  My newer lighting guy ran them at 100% everything.  After 5 minutes, they all started flickering the green LED.  Never had run into this issue as we have never run them at their full capacity.  After some research/troubleshooting (and to make a longer story short), I have concluded that they are overheating as the fan (though it is on auto) is not kicking on.  Is there an issue with the light or firmware?  There is no fan dmx channel for fixture profile to control it that way either.

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@ELA GINES posted:

the fans are thermostatically controlled, seems odd though, normally Red draws the most current.  are the units power linked? if so can you test one stand alone unit on full (maximum consumption) and let us know the results. also let us know what software  you are on.

Thank you.  We isolated 1 light to a separate outlet, and it still did it.  The thermostat on the light at its toastiness was 73, which was definitely not accurate.  Attached is a pic of the software.


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I am in the process of starting a return of one of the units (contacted RMA and organizing a drop off when an employee is in So Cal). However, just an FYI, we ordered 3 more Fuze Pars recently to round out our electrics, and those 3 are behaving correctly.  Fan turns on with the trigger of the temperature.  Would these other previous 12 units have a bad thermostat then?

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