OK I have that version. Thanks.

I have a new machine and it came with Windows 8. Can't find drivers for the DMX Intelligent interface.... Frowner I installed the new software, that was just released in January of this year, and that also didn't have the driver for Windows 8... Am I needing to downgrade the OS?
anyone still having this issue with touchscreens on windows 8 64 but please email me and we will try to get it resolved. Please email me computer specs and details on what all issues you are having.
Jamesk at Elationlighting dot com

i have problems with siudi s1 interface and windows 8 drivers
Which model interface do you have? It most likely needs to be on a newer model interface for it to support windows 8. Is your version of windows 64 bit or 32 nit?
Post a picture of the front and back of the interface. Thanks!

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