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If you are a beginner you may be finding yourself having a hard time with understanding how your light fixture works or how your controller works? You may be asking yourself, “What the heck are DIP switches?” and “What in the heck is DMX?” and you’ll most likely find that the user manual of your product does not explain this to you.

This is because the manuals take assumption that you already know what DMX is and what DIP switches are for and thus proceed to explain the operation of your products under these pretexts.

Keep in mind that many lighting professionals spend years learning this information. Lighting is a profession for many people and it’s difficult to explain all that information in every user manual of every product, thus this information is useless for many in the professionals in the lighting business.

However, before you get upset there is help.

Here is some useful information in helping you understand the world of lighting in a nutshell.

We strongly recommend that you read through all this information prior to posting how DMX works or what are dip switches.

DMX 101 handbook, this explains DMX512, dip switches and programming.

Dip Switch calc, this is a tool that explains the values of those switches.
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