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Hey, just a quick question. I am doing a show and they wanted low lying fog flowing down a multi level stage. I do not normally use fog as I am kinda a haze guy. Anyway, I have an Antari X-310 fazer, that we used as a hazer for a smaller rig, but I was thinking i could maybe use this for the low lying too? I was looking at Froggy's and saw "Froggy's fog freezin Fog" and that sounds like what we want, but what about the freezing thing? Somebody help!
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I do not know your budget or if this will be a one time thing but there are some special low lying fog machines on the market that use refrigeration to cool the fog, the downside is that they are thousands of dollars.

A cheaper alternative to this is a fog chiller that uses dry ice or regular ice. This is a link to a fog chiller that uses regular ice .

Now, here is what they do not want you to know... That $170 fog cabin they are selling is just a standard cooler with holes cut on each side for the fog to enter an exit. They have built a "cage" about 3" in the bottom to let the fog pass through under the ice. I have bought this cooler for a production and it works great but, I have also built my own and its very simple.

Your fog machine will have to be able to shoot the fog into the inlet of the chiller, so using the fazer with a wide output will probably not work. As far as the fog juice from froggys, the freezin fog is formulated to be thicker for ground fog however, when the fog begins to warm back up, it will start to rise and leave you with a heavy fog in the air. If you want your ground fog to dissipate as it begins to rise, go with their fast dissipating formula.

Here is a link on how to build your own cooler.
That is just dandy! Yea, I am already way over budget, and am programming this show on an MA, and it is giving me crap. Meh, this is just one of those shows. The Visualizer were using turned out to only the 1 universe license, so we had to do some cutting and junk. The other programmer is not coming in today, so have the rest of the day off, so I think I am going to home depot and making a cooler.! This should be great. I am going to have to find some way to make it work with the fazer though. I do not have it in my office now, but I will get it and make it work.

Thanks a lot for this. It is perfect.

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