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Is it feasible to use a Magic 260 for LED wash fixtures?

The reason this board appeals to me is because it has a master fader.

I'm looking to install a reasonably priced board for a church install and they want to be able to have a grand master they can use to manually dim their stage fixtures with.
I know I could use a bigger board such as a Show Designer for this, but it may be too much board for them, both technically and budget-wise.

I sure wish one of the DMX operators had an assignable Master...


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Absolutely! The M260 is feasible for any standard LED wash fixtures.

There is only one limitation I can think of with respect to using an M260. It has 260 variable channels plus 4 On/Off channels. While you can control as many fixtures as you like with an M260, the number of discrete light settings you can send is 260 divided by the number of channels your fixtures use plus 4. So, for example, if your LED fixtures use 4 channels each, you can send 65 discrete fixture settings (plus 4 ON/OFF signals). If your fixtures use 7 channels then you can have only 37 discrete signals.

So long as you are willing to have multiple fixtures doing the same thing at the same time (more than one fixture responding to a discrete signal), there is no limit to the number of LED fixtures (or incandescent fixtures plugged into a dimmer pack) that an M260 can control.

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