Elation scene setter newbie. Using for church service lighting, and only using scenes with no chases.

I am going to be running mostly par cans and have two 4 channel dimmers and they are set to Channels 1 to 8. All fine and dandy.


I also have some LEDs for architectural lighting and wall washes. A pair of LEDS has 7 channels!!.

I am trying to make this easy to use for non-tech users by having a set of scenes for each situation. However, when I want to mix a scene from page one with a scene from page two. i.e mix scene 1 and 13, it fades on me. I can only have one scene or the other up from two different pages

I rather wanted the Generic lighting on one page and the wall wash lighting on a different page.

It seems to be quite happy to mix scenes from the same page, but NOT from different pages

Can you help me with this, is there a work around, or am I doing it wrongly.
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