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S- I am new here, if you didn't realize, as well as to DMX. Got Compulive, today and had problems with drivers. Have a desktop that seems to have jumped in there and recognized the toggle box. Needless to say it did not with my Laptop that has Win 7. What do I do? Can't seem to find answers, although on one post I saw from last year you seemed to get that guys going. Pertinent Info? Bought from GA Guitar Center just today, 1) CD dated 4/16/07 Copyright, 2) Toggle Model-Compu 1024EC and of course I am on a laptop with Win 7.
Thanks in advance for any help.
DJ X-man,
New Vision Entertainment Services,
Gainesville, GA
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1024EC will work on windows Operating system as long as it is NOT a 64 bit OS. To find out go to the start icon, select computer, then at the top left of that window click on "system properties". your looking for system type 32 bit or 64. if it says 64, your out of luck and will need to either reinstall the OS as 32 bit or upgrade to one of the newer interfaces as described in this Thread.
The process doesn't exactly take 2-3 weeks. to find out a good time line call our service department and they can let you know.

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