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sorry elation i cant get on line.....i found some personality from net and i try to lod it it is showing NO FILE FOUND ..and the light i am using for our show is coustum made and they have only 2 and 9 chanels
and i am new with SHOW DESIGNER 3 And in this forum also
thanks for u r message hope some one can help me

Don't sweat it.
you don't need a personality.. especially if you don't know what light you have.

use 32 DMX channel fixture.
It will give you 32 channels to use, but you only need to use 2 of them on 1 fixture and 9 channels on the other.

From this point all you need to do is modify the fixture, and say it only uses 2 channels or 9 channels..
and you can rename the fixture to the name of the fixture you actually have.
This is the best way for you buddy,

Best regards,

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