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Hi all,

I recently bought a DMX Operator Pro to work with my DMX dimmer and my (up to 4) Martin MAC 250 Krypton MH's.
The dimmer part, right side of the controller, works just fine.

It's the left part i'm having problems with Frowner
I'm using the scenes to light some fixed positions (also no problem with that).
But since i'm using the scenes in this way, i can not use them for my showes/chases in a sense that it would not give much of a show.

That is why i'm programming my chases on the fly.
Unfortunately, this is also where it goes wrong.
When i playback a chase, the chase doesn't seem to do what i've programmed.
Sometimes it seems that the chase looks like what i've programmed, but the seps are much smaller.
So it looks like something went wrong with the speed and fade times that were programmed.
What's really strange is that the chase seems to be changing when leaving it running for a longer time.

Any ideas?

Maybe also worth mentioning, when i hook up the controller to my MACs, the MACs turn 90 degrees left and about 45 degrees up (when hanging from a truss), when i do this with another controller (like a SGM) they don't do this. Confused

So am i doing something wrong with the chase programming or is something wrong with the controller?


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Hi Joel,

I know that scenes are static, as mentioned, i use the scenes to light fixed positions.

I have no problem with the scenes.

As you can see in my initial post, the problem is with the chases.

I just mentioed the scenes to let everybody know that i'm NOT using the scenes to program a chase, i'm programming the chases on the fly.

If you still want i can send you a mail so that we can take this offline...

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