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I am in the process of designing a small portable rack. It will consist of 2 12x1.2k dimmers, and 6 or 12 edison circuits. I am debating on wiring it for single or 3 phase and need some help. What happens if I wire it 3 phase, and I go to a venue that has only single phase? Should I do one dimmer 3 phase and one single, and have 2 separate inputs? How is this normally done?


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whats up justin. the dimmer and power distro racks we use are from leprecon. what they have done is combine both into one. we have a connector for - 3hots, 2 neutrals, and a ground. and on the front panel there is a breaker for each hot, XYZ, most of the time we run in three phase but when we get to a venue with single phase we only use the XY breakers (two hots) and there is a forth breaker that combine XY to make Z. It makes it very convenient to take the same racks everywhere and not worry about the power stuff, I'm no electrician so i'm not sure the exact way to wire it, i just know thats how ours work. hope this helps
Hello Justin:
There is no easy solution to this issue. What you need to determine is what do you use the most. Some people use 3
phase others use only single phase. Typically Hotel ball rooms small
dance halls, etc. will only have single phase. Larger venues like
arenas, convention centers, stadiums will have 3 phase.
What venues do you typically do shows in ? This question will help
you decide what to wire your power in for.

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