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I have a Power Spot 250 that was given to my band to use.

The issue is that when plugged in it'll do its reset motions (no light and not dmxed), as soon as it finishes startup it'll smoke. It's the bottom large capacitor in the base. It will start smoking out the two protruding wires, and I mean it just billowed out of it with a vengeance. I'm not assuming that it's a bad transformer, but it is from 2005 and it's been sitting a couple years.

Any experience with this?

I have another 250 that works but no light, under the assumption it requires dmx connection for light, my lighting engineer will be back in town in a few days. I don't want to go swapping parts until I know replacements are available.1640321211214617802001592009228

Just contact customer support for replacement parts?


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