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Just bought compushow sde. Loaded the beta software from Elation site on my laptop windows 10.
Software installed but won't open. Is there a comparability issue or I'm I doing something wrong?
Also looking for ssl2 files for adj focus spot 3 z, adj 12p Hex Led, Chauvet FX par 9 led lights.
Sorry new new to all this . Tnx
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Many Thanks for the very quick reply. I tried the dropbox download, wouldn't open, restarted Laptop still not opening. I have loaded it onto a older laptop and it works on that. I will download the profiles onto the older laptop.
I have MYDMX 3.0 installed on this windows 10 Laptop would that conflict with the install?
Weird it wouldn't run the set up on windows 10..... wonder if its a UAC thing.

no, the two won't conflict, i use both aswell and have not had any issues on either and even 0 issues on Windows 10.

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