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Hello forum community, I have the following problem:

I use DMX Wizard 6.67 and control my complete light show on the Elation Midicon controller. I have an iMac with Yosemite 10.10.2. It runs parallel Desktop 9 with Win 7. The Midi controller is detected under Win 7 and the DMX Wizard and the show is going well.

But the iMac is too compact. I have installed everything on my MacBook Pro with the new Parallel Desktop 10 version and Win 7. The Midi controller is recognized by Win 7 and DMX Wizard but he does not respond Sad

After this problem I have installed the DMX Wizard on a Windows 7 "and" Windows 8 System. But I have the same problem, Win7/Win 8 and the DMX Wizard recognize de controller, but it does not respond. Sad

I'm completely stumped. Maybe someone of you have an idea.

Thanks for your help and support
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