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hey all. new to the elation site and have a few things i would like to see if it can be done

I have the elation show designer 3 and here is what i do

press fixture 1 (platinum spot 5r)

then i > twice and it lets me adjust 5 though 8.. it reads as wheel1=color wheel2=clr fine wheel3=gobo1 wheel4=g1 rot
but those are not right. only wheel 1 is correct as for the rest wheel 2 to select a gobo wheel 3 gobo rot and so on

is there a program that lets you edit the dmx channel traits for the elation platinum spot 5r within the profile so it shows the right action for the wheel when selected or can I edit it on the show designer 3 it self and save it

another thing I wanted to change was the name for colors. insted of just color1 change it to red
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