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Hi I just got the Show Designer 3 and I'm having a hard time with the manual. aside from the missing letters (all over the place!) I'm having a hard time following it. Is there any reference somewhere on the internet that kind of walks you through programing? I'm trying to set up palettes for a technobeam and it's also recording pan/tilt values.
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You want to record presets.. Page 18 of the manual.
I am not finding missing letters in the manual.. can you let me know what pages?

Before recording a preset you must first do some preparation. In order to be able to view certain moving
light channels like color or gobo you will first need to raise the dimmer levels and set the pan and tilt
positions in order to see the color or gobo selections. Do this by selecting the fixture or fixtures to be used
and then position the beams and turn up the dimmer levels. These things will not be recorded into the
preset if they are done before pressing “record”.
To start recording a preset press “record”, its LED will flash. Next press “preset”, this LED will also flash.
The page display will show the current page and any number locations that already contain presets will be
lit. Adjust the channel or channels that you want to include in the preset. These adjustments will be
recorded into the preset so take care not to change any channels that you don’t want included. You can use
the flex faders in channel mode, the joystick or the channel wheels to select the channel levels to be
included. Press the “fixture” switch to enable the channels wheels and to select any fixtures. Toggle the
fixture switch back off before saving the preset.
Note:When recalling a preset, if some channels are affected that weren’t intended as part of the preset,
chances are that a fader or the joystick was bumped and those channels were accidentally added to the
preset being recorded.
At any time while recording the preset you can enter a preset name. Use the cursor switches to move the
cursor in the display under each character then use the + or - switch or the data wheel to select characters.
You can also use an external keyboard to enter the name characters.
To save the preset, select the page and number where you want to store it. If you select a number that is
already lit, a message will appear asking if you want to write over the existing preset. Press “yes” or “no”.
You can use the page switches to select from pages 1 to 24 which will allow you to store up to 1152
presets. You cannot record over or edit the factory presets on pages F1 through F4.
After saving a preset, record mode stays active allowing you to continue to record more presets. Any
channel changes that were made since starting the record process will be included in any new presets. To
start a new preset from scratch, toggle the “preset” LED off and then back on while the “record” LED is
still flashing.
To exit record mode, press “record”, all LEDs will stop flashing.

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