Update Tool: CUE Software Uploader

SixBar 1000ip_V1.07 Final

SixBar 1000_V1.17 Final

SixBar 500_V1.13 Final

Sixpar 100_V1.13 Final

Sixpar 100ip_V1.13 Final

Sixpar 200_V1.12 Final

SixPar 200ip_V1.15 Final

Sixpar 300_V1.12 Final

SixPar 300ip_V1.15 Final

You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If you do not see your fixture listed, please contact Firmware@elationlighting.com

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It seems the display options have changed in Sixpar firmware versions 12 and above. Could someone please clarify what each option in the display menu does currently? The manuals on the Elation website seem to be for earlier firmware versions. Thanks!

There might be some changes but for the most part the Menu should be similar. Is there something specific on the Menu that you have a question on? 

I'm closing this as we are going to move to individual models per post format. There will be updated individual posts for the SixBar and Par series in the main firmware forum section. 

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