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I am new to the programming of a Magic 260. Can anyone tell me how to sync lights with music? I want to be able to sync start music and lights. Is this just extensive programming on my part or can this be done easily? Or, do i need a software and interface to do this? So in short, sync start lights and music and the lights programmed to continue to run with certain attributes... Make sense?
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"Get a midi controller" isn't the whole story.

Of course, in sound mode you can get lights to flash in sync with the music. But there is no way to get the lights to change to a different scene at just the right time using sound mode.

This is because it is impossible to play a whole song at the exact same speed every time without a backing or click track. So unless you are playing to a track, you are not going to be able to sync lights with the music.

To actually sync lights with what is going on in the song you will need to have to play to a midi track. These can be a sequence or song played by a keyboard or a computer (or anything else that will play midi songs). One of the tracks of the midi sequence would need to send midi signals to a midi controlled DMX controller. [A Magic 260 is such a controller, but it has limitations of which need to be aware if you have some of the backing tracks actually adding percussion or instruments to what your band is playing. Search "Hobson" in this forum to see discussions of these limitations.]

You just go into one of the sequence tracks and everywhere in the song you want to have the lights change enter the note that triggers the new scene you want.

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