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I have four ADJ 64b LED Pro fixtures connected to an SD2CF. It seems that on one fixture only I can save a change in a scene to the red and green channels (1 & 2) but not to the blue (3), 4, 5, and 6. 7, intensity, can be changed.

I select a scene, make the change to the fixture, save the change. During the save, 3, 4, 5, and 6 revert back to their previous setting in the scene. I verified that none of the sliders is up prior.

It's not the fixture as I've swapped DMX start addresses on two of the units and the problem followed the DMX address.
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Are you clearing the scene buffer then starting over from scratch by setting the individual channels? Don't call any old scenes as this will overwrite the buffer. If the buffer is empty and your are able to individually control each channel of each fixture, then it should save as you see it. Make sure the profile matches the number of channels or mode of the fixture. Make sure no fixtures are overlapping in the DMX addressing.
Originally posted by rmessnerjr:
I did clear the buffer but did select the scene I was to change prior. That's where I erred. I've triple-checked the DMX addresses to confirm no overlap. I will do as you instruct and let you know my results.

I re-read the instructions and, LO AND BEHOLD, discovered I was making two errors: Modifying Fixture channels that shouldn't be and not deselecting Fixtures after modifying them and before saving a Scene. Once I stopped this bad behavior I repeatedly succeeded in modifying Scenes and creating new ones from others.

RTBM (that's Beautiful Manual!)

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