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I just got myself to the world of Moving head, I've been using Martin Scanners SCX500 for many years & Show designer 1 to program it.
Need some help please on 2 issues:
1-is there a proper way to add the moving head fixtures to SD1 other than selecting the generic Dimmer and configure each channel to match the ACME MH as it's not part of the fixture list included in SD1.

2-My knowledge to program the scanners was simple: I create presets (no Scene) in different positions in the hall, then record chases by selecting those presets as the steps to move the scanners and by setting the BPM for ex. 120 BPM and 50% fade, this works perfectly for dance music.
when I tried to create the same with the moving heads to have chases for Dance, it doesn't move the same way as scanners, the faster movement I got with the moving head it was when I reduced the BPM to 30 - 35.
I even tried to use the speed channel #5 to control/program the speed of the movement but still not getting the result I want.
So as I'm new to the moving head any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help

DJ Takla
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You can try to find a light on the list that is close to this one and then just edit it as needed. If you are using the dimmer as the starting point make sure to select the pan and tilt channels and any other settings using the modify fixture menu. You can use copy fixture, so you only need to edit one of these. To make the head move faster, try the fastest setting on the PT speed channel if it has one.

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